Welcome to The King's Head Laxfield Country Pub & Restaurant
Address: Gorams Mill Lane, Laxfield, Suffolk, IP13 8DW
Opening Hours: 12:00pm 'til closing time

Welcome to the King’s Head

The King’s Head (The Low House) is one of the very few pubs left in Britain that has no bar-counter.

Stepping into The King’s Head is like a journey back through time as you enter the traditional tap room. Beer drinkers survey the array of barrels and request whatever takes their fancy, drawn straight from the barrel, while others can order whatever they usually have.

Before you reach the barrels, you pass through a room dominated by an ancient fireplace. Old settles, polished in parts by the backs and bottoms of the long deceasead, surround it in a U-shape, with a table in the middle. Another room, also called the tap room, likewise has one large table and bench seats around it. This is a social pub. We have no juke box or television, and we pride ourselves on still having a sense of tradition.

Kings Head Laxfield Pub Front

Meet the team

We’re here to make your time with us special.

Chris – Landlord
Chris – Landlord

Together with my wife Sarah we are delighted to welcome you to the King’s Head in the beautiful village of Laxfield. Here you can relax, unwind and take it easy in this most authentic and traditional of English pubs.

Sarah – Landlady
Sarah – Landlady

Along with our many regulars, I’m always happy to see a new face, and to welcome you to our traditional public house. We always have great beer, delicious food a warm bed and fantastic company to enjoy.

King’s Head Staff
King’s Head Staff

When we’re not pouring you a pint in our quaint tap room, or serving you great food as you enjoying sharing a table with people you’ve never met before, you might find us singing along to live music at one of our many events.

Eat with us

All dishes are homemade and our produce where possible is sourced as locally as possible.

Stay with us

Get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life while you enjoy the slower pace of life only Suffolk can deliver.

Drink with us

We stock the full range of Adnams Cask and bottled beers, along with draught Guinness, cider and lagers.

Up Coming Events

Find out what's going on at the King's Head in Laxfield, our events include beer festivals, live music, theatre and dance plus special foodie nights!